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Sunray 190 - Message Sign

The Sunray Solar 190 combines the advantages of a highly portable and solar-powered, large display trailer with LED Full Matrix technology and Radar capabilities.

The 190 displays a variety of graphics and extended messages, whether pre-programmed or entered by the user in the field. Find out more about the great features of the Sunray 190 below.


• Highly efficient display
• Cutting edge AllnGaP LED technology
• Environmentally friendly, Solar Powered
• Hundreds of pre-programmed messages, MUTCD messages, and operator-created messages
• Cost effective, reliable, and easy to operate
• Meets all MUTCD safety specifications, NTCIP compliant
• 6 fonts from 6” to 27” character height
• Crank-type raise/lower mechanism with lock, positive locking mechanism in raised and lowered positions
• Solar panels pivot with panel to optimize charging, cleaning and travel
• Moving arrows, chevrons, and other graphics with auto centering of messages

Intellistat includes software and pneumatic tube for counting
Cellular phone for remote operation
Wheel locks
Combo hitch 2” ball & 3” pintle ring
Speed detection
Strobe light for overspeed
Motion alarm
Batteries and Solar Collectors
Batteries 12v deep cycle with varying options
Battery charger 45A fanned cooled, external plug, 75A
Battery enclosure Lockable, ventilated, acid resistant
Solar collector Crystalline silicon auto erecting
Pixel matrix 28 rows by 48 columns
Character Size 6 fonts from 6” to 27”, 3 lines x 12 characters, graphics capable
Display Size 48” x 96” with front opening window
LEDs 590 nm amber, 4 per pixel
Brightness Manual/automatic 31 levels
Photo sensor Shielded from extraneous light
Enclosure Aluminum, finished powder coated black
RF Interface Unaffected
Trailer Construction
Width across fenders 75"
Drawbar 3” x 3” x .375 wall steel tube, removable
Fenders formed steel
Frame (4) post design 2.12 x 1.87 x .125 wall steel tubing MIG welded to chassis
Length w/ drawbar 114”
Length w/o drawbar 67”
Height sign up 153”
Height sign down 97”
Hitch 2” ball class II 3500 lb capacity
Jacks (4) slide type plated, (1) swing type
Tire Size ST205/75-D15 load C
Weight 1800 lbs
Lift mechanism Winch, 2500 lb disc brake, 1/4 diameter galv. steel rope 4400 lb test
Type Proprietary embedded, NTCIP compliant
Dimming Manual or automatic
LCD 4 lines, 40 characters per line, backlit
Remote communication Cellular ready
Message Scheduling 36 events
Messages 50 user programmable (4 pages each), 300 pre-programmed including MUTCD symbols and arrows