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Sunray LTS - Portable, High Intensity LED Solar Light Tower

Our new addition to the Sunray™ line of portable products is the Sunray™ LTS solar light tower. This tower is designed to meet the rigors of heavy use areas such as construction, mining, utility, and security. Its silent nature also makes it well-suited for live events. The LTS mast, like the trailer, is built extra heavy to provide a solid foundation for almost any use.

On top of the mast are four heavy duty LED light fixtures with ultra-high intensity, state of the art LED’s with remarkable brightness. LED light fixtures boast brightness levels of 40W, 85W, and 160W. These high performance light fixtures are designed to maximize light utility with very little ‘lost’ light. To maximize battery life, the control system is equipped with several selections including automatic on/off at dusk and dawn and settable run times from 3 to 12 hours.

To maximize charge time we equipped the solar array with large tilting angles. Easy to read meters let you quickly determine the best orientation to collect sunlight. A built in charger with an external charge receptacle makes it easy to charge the maintenance free battery bank if needed.


• Optional electric tilt lamps
• No fuel, no fuel trips, no fuel spills, no fuel bills
• Virtually maintenance free; no engine, no alternator
• Silent
• No fumes
• Great for rental
• Simple to operate
• Scalable lighting

Model Solar Array Battery Capacity Lamps Brightness
Sunray LTS-500 500W 630Ahr 4 3 levels
Sunray LTS-750 750W 630Ahr 4 3 levels
Sunray LTS-1000 1000W 630Ahr 4 3 levels
Mast height up 20'
Mast down 10'
Mast base 5” square, 3/16” wall, easy glide, with welded turn handles
Mast type Three stage with light stored vertically, 360° rotation
Mast cable 3/16” wire rope, 4,200 breaking strength
Winch type 2500 lb, double disc, self braking, electric hoist (optional)
Type (4) 160W, modular LED
Housing Formed Aluminum
Orientation Each lamp tilts and turns, all lamps can tilt 90° - 180° to create down lighting
Lens Molded/Sealed 60°
Control Day/Week/Hourly timer, individual lamp control
Dimmer 3 brightness levels
Electric Tilt (Optional)
Power Source
Collectors 500W/750W/1,000W Polycrystalline, anti-theft fasteners
Output 24v
Meters Momentary, LED type, one for each collector
Collector Tilt 0° to 40° via a manual crank
Charger 30A, 24v, fan cooled, external plug
Batteries AGM sealed, 12v wired for 24v
Battery Controller 30A, PWM type
Photocell Manual or dusk to dawn operation
Width across fenders 78"
Length 121"
Axle 3500 lb
Tires and wheels ST205/75D15 load range C
Hitch 2” ball coupler with other options
Draw bar 3” square tube, 3/16” wall, removable
Weight 2250 lbs model 40 and 65
Battery Box 14 ga. formed steel, anti-theft, dual no shackle solid security locks
Jacks (4), swing type, 2000 lb ea., (1) wheel type on draw bar