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DMC - Message Sign

National Signal introduces its new Dynamic Message Center (DMC), combining the power of its dynamic message signs with a low profile, permanently mounted sign.

Utilizing the latest in LED messaging technology, the DMC provides a distinct safety advantage to motorists, whether warning of adverse road conditions, approaching traffic congestion, or excessive vehicle speeds.


• Local control or remotely operated
• Various sizes available
• All LED
• Full matrix or 3-line options
• Hundreds of pre-programmed messages, symbols or graphics
• Solar or AC powered
• Radar and overspeed/violator alert options available
• Easy to operate and cost effective with low maintenance

Remote communications: cellular, CDPD, and/or landline controls 1 to 127 signs
Radar speed display warning detection
Strobe light for overspeed detection
Speed violator alert for roadworker/ pedestrian awareness
Laptop computer
3/16” polycarbonate sign window
Anti-glare option on window
Mounting Sign panel is capable of being mounted in a variety of configurations depending on specifications. Contact factory for details.
Solar / AC Power
Solar / AC Power • Sign panel can operate using AC electrical power hardwired to the sign or a solar panel array mounted on top of, or in conjunction with, the sign installation utilizing a series of battery banks
• AC power: 20V AC
• Solar array: rated as required
• Battery: deep cycle, rated as required
Sign Panel
Sign Panel • 590 nm (amber) light output LED AllnGaP technology
• Full Matrix LED Models: 4 LEDs per pixel
• Store over 300 pre-programmed permanent messages, MUTCD messages, and operator-created messages
• Multiple message sequencing
• Various fonts from 7.5” up to 60” character height depending on model
• Moving arrows, chevrons, and other graphics with auto-centering of messages
• Unaffected by RF interference
Controller • DMC message signs use our new UniCPU controller which supports a standard keyboard for ease of maintenance
• Embedded communications software is fully NTCIP compliant
• Password protected
• Single board processing unit simplifies trouble-shooting and repair
• RS232 port in controller cabinet offers laptop comm.
• LCD controller display provides 4 lines x 40 characters
• Arrow display mode, MUTCD symbols, and NTCIP comm.
Model No. Dimensions Message capability
DMC-380 78” high x 128” wide 3 line/8 character
DMC-345 78” high x 128” wide 3 line/11 character
DMC-390 78” high x 128” wide Full Matrix
DMC-4896 48” high x 96” wide Full Matrix
DMC-3672 36” high x 72” wide Full Matrix